About us


Hello! My name's Julia (Julieta), I'm 13 and I'm from Madrid. I love music, specially Green Day, Avril Lavinge and Simple Plan. I also like movies, Tim Burton is my favourite director. I usually read at night. I love The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Hush hush. Taking photos is my favourite thing to do in my free time. I want a new camera, because I think I take really good photos.

Hi, my name is Laura. I love music, dancing, reading and hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I speak alone. I like One Direction, Rihanna and Cimorelli. My favourite books are the sagas of The Hunger Games and Canciones Para Paula (Songs for Paula). 

Hi!! My name is Abril and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but now I am living in Madrid, Spain. I love listening to music, like Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift... I also like movies, animals (I have a cat called "Chispas" and a rabbit called "Kiko"), hanging out with my friends and having fun!

MaríaHi, I´m Mary and I live in Madrid. I like drawing and listening to music. My favourite bands are  Blink-182, Secondhand Serenade and Paramore. I also like watching funny videos on the Internet. I like animals, specially my dog, which is the cuttest  thing in the world!!! 


Hi! My name´s Triana, I´m from Madrid and I´m 12. I love hanging out with my friends, dancing and listening to music, like Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5 and Linkin Park, but I also like Maldita Nerea and Vetusta Morla. I like going to the cinema and reading too, Federico Moccia is my favourite author.


Hi, I am Pipi. That is not my real name. My real name is Fátima but since i was born with ginger hair and blue eyes, just like Pipi Longstocking, my sisters, my parents and relatives call me Pipi. I have 3 sisters: María, Isa, Cova. My sister Cova is going to get married and she has 2 little dogs called Luca and Vito. They are 2 little white bichon maltes.Vito was going to be called Oliver but we saw how bad he was and we called him Vito, like Vito Corleone (a famous thief of the mafia in a movie called The Goodfather). I like the saga of Twilight, the books and movies of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games movies and the books too. I like One Direction, Cimoreli, and Taylor Swift.


  1. Hey girls!
    I love your blog, it's so cool. I'll be coming back to see what's new.


  2. Hi girls! You're blog is really awesome! Keep it up!