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This Spring designer’s collections were booming with blooms of colorfully layered prints, and none of them wowed us more than Prabal Gurung …the king of injecting a dose of tech-style in his textiles. To get in touch with our own flower power, we teamed up with our friends at Who What Wear to create an accessory that pays homage with decoupage…and brings together a few of a style savvy girl’s favorite things - DIY, fashion, technology, and flowers!   

To create, you will need wooden or plastic bangles, as your blank canvas.  Gather real or faux flowers in a color scheme of your choice.  Group and arrange the flowers in a pattern and snap a picture with your phone or camera.  Send to print, as is, or upload to photoshop and duplicate to create a repeat pattern.  Once printed, cut out strips or small pieces which you will use to cover the inside and outside of your bangle.  Using Mod Podge, cover the inside of the bangle by “painting” the back of the paper and securing to the wood or plastic.  Continue all the way around, wrapping the edges of the cut outs, to cover the edge of the bangle. Continue on the outside and then add a final layer of Mod Podge once the bangle is completely covered in the flower print. 

Click here to check out the step by step video with Hillary & Katherine of Who What Wear! 

I love so much this idea and it´s very easy! I will try to do it!
You just need:
. A camera or a phone
. A froam brush
.Make a photo of the flowers, print it, cut it and glue it to the bangle.


detalles-de-amor-para-regalar-_4869.jpgYou  haven´t to be some real expert with crafts to create a beautiful and special detail. Nor do we need to use expensive materials or hard to get to achieve a great result.

Sheets of paper
Acrylic paint red, pink, salmon and colors you want
Heart-shaped cutting


Take a potato and cut into slices.
Place heart-shaped cutting on one of the potato slices. Press hard with your fingers to mark the way.
So we get a little sweetheart you will use as a seal.
Soak the heart of red acrylic paint.
Place it and press it on the paper, like a seal, to stamp the drawing.
Repeat with other colors of paint to fill the role of hearts.
You can use the print paper to wrap the gift hearts of Valentine's Day! A detail of love that your better half valued much;)

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