These books are amazing. I love them. They are about a country, called Panem, that is divided in districts and once a year they do The Hunger Games, that is a competition in which one boy and one girl from each district have to kill all the other ones. Julieta.

This book is the first of Twilight saga. There're four called Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down. It exists five films about the books and Twilight is the story of  Bella, a human girl who's in love with a Edward, a vampire. Triana
Breaking dawn. This book is the last of Twilight saga. Is a story of vampires and wolfmen who have to fight against the Voulturis (they're like the police for the vampires and live in Rome). There are films of it and the second part of "Breaking down" has been premiered a week ago. Triana    

This book is really amazing. Is my favourite book. Is about a fallen angel and a girl who are in love. But their love is imposible because the archangels don't let them be together. What will happen? Read it and discover it.
 Hey i´m reading a book that im sure that you know something about it. Its called Harry Potter and  the Goblet of Fire. On the fith grade of Harry in Howarts (a magic school). 3 magic schools make a competition. These schools are Dumstrang Beauxbatons and Howarts each will have to compite in the Triwizard Tournament. Each school will chose one Champion. To compite this Championmust have more than 17 years but, why Harry is chosen as the fourth Champion? Who will be the winner? Read the book and discover it.
This is the last book of the Harry Potter saga. The epic battle between Harry and Voldemort will end. Harry wants to destroy all the horrocruxes but Voldemort isn't going to allow it. Who will finally die? 

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